Here’s why more and more buyers are looking for expanded pantries.

All of a sudden, luxury pantries are a big thing for homebuyers. People want a nice master bedroom, bathroom, and closet, but they want walk-in pantries too. This trend has even kicked up another notch since COVID started. Although it was something buyers wanted before we all started spending a lot more time at home, they’re becoming a must in new construction floor plans.

One of my favorite ways to design a pantry is when it has the little butler door that goes to the garage so that when you’re unloading your groceries, you can just push them through, right into your pantry. See what I mean at 1:20 in the video above.

“More space and more storage are what buyers want.”

You may not always find a 70 square foot pantry, but pay attention to what kind of cabinets are used. There are a lot of cool innovations in the different cabinet inserts that can mimic the storage space of a walk-in pantry. It’s all about providing more space and storage. If there’s not enough room for your food, you’re probably not going to want the home.

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