Adam McCarty from Rightway Home Inspections is here to answer a few home inspection questions.

In today’s message, I sat down with Adam McCarty from Rightway Home Inspections on my weekly radio show “The Central Iowa Real Estate Scoreboard” on 106.3 KXnO to discuss a few key questions people tend to have about his industry, including the importance of pre-inspections, things that tend to surprise sellers about inspections, and the kinds of technology that help inspectors spot issues that homeowners might not even be aware of.

“Do you need to be a certified home inspector?”

There are a lot of really good inspectors in the state who were previously in the HVAC, plumbing, or construction industries, and that prior experience is a big plus for consumers.

“How important is a pre-inspection?”

Instead of having to negotiate twice, it just makes sense for a seller to get everything out of the way with a pre-inspection. 

“What kinds of things do people need to do to prepare for an inspection?”

If you already know there are issues with your home, Adam recommends taking care of them before he comes to your home for the inspection. In terms of preparing the house, that homeowners need to provide clear access to things like your furnace, electrical panel, attic, etc. 

“Do the sellers need to be present for the inspection?”

They don’t have to be, but it’s great if they are. That way, Adam can explain what items buyers are concerned about and what sellers should do to prevent issues later on in the transaction. 

“What is a thermal camera?”

Thermal cameras are a special type of camera that allows Adam to see differences in heat within the home. This allows him to spot issues that sellers might not know about because they can’t see them.

“What are the biggest surprises during an inspection?”

Sellers often don’t realize how hazardous electrical panels can be.

For more information about home inspections and the services that Adam and Rightway Home Inspections offer, visit their website or call him at (515) 802-0141.

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