Here’s how the pandemic has changed what we want in our homes.

Along with the pandemic came changes in what people want and need in their homes. Today Max Wilker, Style Director at Better Homes and Gardens, joins us to discuss the changes in what buyers and homeowners are looking for and altering in their houses. 

More space has been a huge factor. We’ve been seeing people not just wanting one office space, but two, for both adults living in the home. The dining area has been coming back into fashion, and people have been converting that space into an office as well. People also want space for their kids to be schooled from home. Before, people had their kids sharing rooms, and now we’re seeing more buyers wanting enough bedrooms for each child to have their own. That’s also a solution to the school space problem because each child has their own quiet space for Zoom schooling. 

We’re seeing more desire for people to have their own spaces for things such as crafting and hobbies. Before the health crisis, the open floor plan was in style, but now people want more rooms for various things. Buyers were very excited about a defined mudroom or entryway with a sink as a place to set down groceries and wash their hands before contaminating the rest of the home.

“We’re seeing more desire for people to have their own spaces for things such as crafting and hobbies.”

People have also been looking at their kitchens differently. Designer kitchens and new appliances have been appealing because of that restaurant quality. They’ve been buying fancier coffee makers and other items that make staying at home more enjoyable. 

Our shopping habits have also changed during this time. People are buying better quality items and thinking more about sustainability and local sourcing. They’re considering how they can make their homes better and help local merchants at the same time. 

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