Hosting an open house soon? The right music can make all the difference.

So you’re hosting an open house. That’s great! Open houses are a fantastic way to make connections and get more leads. However, a lot goes into an open house, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. For example, choosing the right music can put your visitors at ease and give your open house a huge boost. That’s why we’re discussing which music you should pick. 

Living Cozy recently analyzed 100 property-selling playlists to determine the best songs to play during an open house. Many of these songs would work for showings as well:

  1. “Better Together” — Jack Johnson
  2. “Dreams” — Fleetwood Mac
  3. “Naked - Foux Remix” — Kraak and Smaak
  4. “Landslide” — Fleetwood Mac
  5. “Into the Mystic” — Van Morrison 
  6. “It Never Entered My Mind” — Mulgrew Miller
  7. “Shape of You” — Ed Sheeran
  8. “Budapest” — George Ezra 
  9. “Circles” — Post Malone
  10. “Home” — Michael Bublè

Based on Living Cozy’s name, they might be a little biased towards relaxed music. However, this list is a great starting point for picking the right tunes for your open house. 

“Music will make people feel more open.”

Once you nail down the perfect soundtrack, there are a few other open house tips you should follow. First, keep all the lights on, even if it’s the middle of summer. The home can look incredible, but no one will notice if they can’t see it. Pay attention to the scent of the home as well; people will notice if there are stray or out-of-place odors. 

If you have questions about today’s topic or anything else, please call or email the SOLDwisch team. We look forward to hearing from you!