This is why having a great agent is a lot like having a great mom.

If you have a real estate agent you really love, they might do some things that remind you of your mom. From the latest episode of “The Central Iowa Real Estate Scoreboard,” here are 10 different ways that your real estate agent is just like your mother:

1. She makes you clean your room.

2. She takes your calls late at night.

3 She worries about you when you don’t respond to her many calls, text, and emails.

4. She teaches you how to save your money, set a budget, and helps you stick to it.

5. She makes you do your homework. You need to research what you want.

6. She’s a good listener.

7. You drive her to drink.

8. She drives you around and doesn’t ask for gas money.

9. She gives you tough love.

10. She’s both happy and sad when you move on, but ultimately she’s proud to see you pursue your dreams and have been part of the journey.

As you can see, a good agent and your mom aren’t so different after all. **We’re both doing everything in our power to protect you and ensure a bright future for you and your family. **

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