The Misty SOLDwisch team’s personalized marketing plan sells more homes.

Barbara Corcoran, star of ABC’s  Shark Tank, built the No. 1 brokerage firm in New York City by marketing luxury homes to the most qualified buyers.

That same strategy is what will make the difference in our area. We’re creating customized marketing for the right buyers in Des Moines and Central Iowa. We are the team that Barbara trusts. Our personalized marketing plan sells more homes for more money, and if we can’t find the right buyer on your deadline, we will buy the home. 

Misty joined Barbara in New York City recently to talk more about real estate strategy, and the result is our newest commercial.  We are proud to work with Barbara for the past several years as her preferred agent in Central Iowa.

To get the best marketing for your home, visit and reach out to us by phone or email.