The modern farmhouse home is the most popular style in Iowa.

As far as architectural styles go, what does Iowa find appealing? Like the rest of the country, modern farmhouses are the popular architectural style for new homes right now in Iowa. Is this the Joanna Gaines effect? It’s amazing what power a show like Fixer Upper can have in defining our tastes.

Within the last two years, you’re seeing a lot more people wanting a modern farmhouse style on an acreage or in rural areas that are relatively close to downtown Des Moines. They want to live that country lifestyle but they want it to be convenient.

What are some of the characteristics of the modern farmhouse style?

  • Shiplap above the fireplaces, around the surrounds, and in kitchens above all the cabinetry. A lot of new construction builders are jumping on that bandwagon because they know consumers want it.
  • Large barn doors.
  • A huge sink that you can practically take a bath in. Everybody wants it to be either  stainless steel or all white.
  • Open shelving in the kitchen. Those open shelves are all professionally staged, they have beautiful dishes, and it’s tastefully organized. However, the dream of how it will look is very different from the actual function of a family living there.

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