Here’s what you need to know about the latest home design trends.

Misty has been keeping a close eye on the hottest home design trends this summer. After all, what people are doing to their homes now often sets the stage for future market trends. Online searches for basement finishing have seen a significant surge over the past year, with an interesting twist–some are transforming their basements into golf simulators. Yes, you heard it right; technology has made it possible to have some indoor golfing fun!

Another trend on the rise is rooftop lounges. While this may not be as prevalent in central Iowa, it’s a hot commodity in metropolitan areas where outdoor space is limited. After all, we in Iowa have our backyards, patios, and driveways to enjoy.

Speaking of driveways, the term “driveway deck” is coined for outdoor spaces that are being creatively converted into comfortable hangout spots. It’s a trend that’s gaining momentum, especially in areas where outdoor living space is at a premium.

Bathroom accessibility is another focus, with more people looking to age in place comfortably. Searches for “age-in-place bathrooms” and “handicapped-accessible bathrooms” have more than doubled compared to a year ago, reflecting the importance of these features in today’s homes.

“Timeless looks are making a big comeback. ”

Industrial-style kitchens seem to be making a comeback, featuring stainless steel surfaces and restaurant-style islands. High-end features like pull-down faucets and entertainment kitchens are in high demand, with massive kitchen islands resembling small apartments.

Walk-in kitchen pantries are a must-have for many homeowners, even if they’re not entirely sure what to store in them. The allure of a hidden pantry that you can walk into is undeniable.

Dividing spaces within the home is also making a comeback, with increased interest in living room dividers, shoji screens, and partition walls. These elements allow for a sense of privacy while maintaining an open and spacious feel.

Ceilings are getting creative too, with searches spiking for high-gloss ceilings, painted ceilings, and even black ceilings. Black ceilings, in particular, have become a popular choice for adding drama to interior spaces.

Architectural styles are blending more classical elements with contemporary designs, leading to increased interest in colonial and Spanish colonial styles. These timeless looks are making a strong comeback in modern homes.

Finally, outdoor style is getting a boost, with a trend towards “tiny swimming pools.” These compact pool options offer a refreshing dip without the need for a massive pool area.

In the world of home design, innovation and creativity are flourishing, and these trends reflect the evolving preferences of homeowners seeking unique and functional living spaces. If you have questions about anything we talked about today, please call or email us. We’d love to help you out!