Why, surprisingly, so many people are choosing to retire in Iowa.

In Central Iowa, some interesting developments are taking place. It has been touted as one of the top retirement destinations, a surprising choice that left many people taken aback. The region claimed the coveted first position on Bankrate’s list of the best places to retire. One can’t help but wonder if they realize we don’t have an ocean here or warm beaches. It does get quite chilly in the wintertime.

However, anecdotally, we’ve observed a trend where people initially intended to retire elsewhere, even out of state, for a brief period. But they later realized that being closer to their grandkids in Iowa was more important—attending their sports events and witnessing their growth. Iowa is known for its affordability compared to other parts of the country.

Moreover, one can opt for a peaceful retirement in the countryside, surrounded by the vast farmlands that Iowa is famous for. Outsiders might perceive it as a unique retirement experience, attributing this choice to the friendly nature of the locals. Indeed, Iowans are known for their friendliness.

“Iowa is very affordable compared to the rest of the country.”

One significant factor contributing to this newfound popularity is the median home price in Iowa, which stands at $239,000, significantly lower than the national median of $475,000. This means that individuals who have built equity in other markets over the years can potentially sell their property and purchase a home in Iowa outright with the proceeds.

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