Here’s how home offices are helping sellers get an edge on the market.

When the real estate market reignited in the summer of 2020 and the nation’s workforce transitioned into a work-from-home force, properties with office spaces became highly coveted. Gone are the days of buyers wanting a completely open main floor where everyone can see and hear everyone else. (Most of us found out pretty quickly that a schedule full of Zoom meetings doesn’t mix well with energetic toddlers or curious pets). When it’s time to get work done, we need a few walls. Home offices are a must in today’s home search, and homebuilders are taking note. 

We’re now seeing homebuilders put together home office packages as an available upgrade for buyers, and those will surely make a big splash when they hit the market. Many potential sellers are getting creative and testing whether any existing rooms in their home can be converted into a home office. Though, if you’re going to put your home on the market soon, it’s probably best to simply stage a room as an office rather than invest in hardware or time-consuming renovations. There are smart ways you can show off a room’s capabilities as an office or study space without having to tie up your money and hope for a return. 

“When it’s time to get work done, we need a few walls.”

If you’re a seller who doesn’t have any extra bedrooms, consider marketing a small storage room as an office. One investment that might be worthwhile in that case would be a glass door instead of a solid one; the more light coming into the office, the better. If you already installed a home office years ago and were thankful for it throughout 2020, know that buyers will be thankful for it, too. If you were to list soon, your home would absolutely have an edge against others on the market. 

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